Visiting the Redwoods in California

Have you ever stood at the base of a 600 year old redwood tree and just looked up and up and up?  It is overwhelming!  It has been decades since I have spent time in the California redwoods, and probably never as much time as I did last week at the Redwoods National Park and Avenue of the Giants (2 miles south of Weott, California).

I loved the tree that had been laid on its side so you could clearly see the rings showing its age!  It is just difficult to actually get your mind around that number a years as the lifetime of a living thing.  It’s no wonder so many of the trees have partially burned out trunks.  Fires must have swept through the forest more than once during their long lifetime, but were not able to kill these giant trees.

Normally people are not allowed to touch things that old, but do you know the bark isn’t all hard, but in places soft and spongy?  When I think back on it, I can still feel the “fur” of those great trees under my fingers.  Lots of trails are just off the road and are easily walked by nearly everyone. There was even one (the Revelation Trail) specifically created for ADA access with a ramp and decking around a redwood so someone in a wheelchair could touch the tree and feel what I felt that day.

I have a tendency to take pictures of wild flowers (I love that there are flowers that did not require a human to plant or tend!) so you will see a few of those as well among my pictures.


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