Willamette Star, dinner on the Willamette River, Oregon

For our 45th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a lovely dinner aboard the Willamette Star. This ship is owned by the same folks who run the Portland Spirit. We were given a table on the upper deck where tables were set for couples. I am glad this is where we were seated. It was quieter here. The aft open deck was just out the door if we wanted to be outside. The live music, while lovely, was piped in from downstairs. We had one waiter, Luis, for those of us dining in this area. He was busy, but certainly took care of us.

Except for a short time at the beginning and the end, the Bridge was open to visit with Captain Buswell. He is a friendly man with over two decades of experience sailing this river.

We had a leisurely sail from the dock near OMSI up and down the Willamette. We boarded about 6:20 pm, sailed at 7 pm and disembarked at 9:30 pm.

You will see the menu for our dinner. My husband chose the beef and I went for the pasta. It was a very nice meal. We had pre-ordered a dessert from the menu and would not do that again. It cost a couple dollars more than what it would have if we had just ordered on the spot. Besides, the brownie that came with the meal was very nice and would have been just fine for dessert. The bar is upstairs where our table was located. Depending upon your viewpoint this was either convenient or a nuisance if other diners are stopping by to order drinks. Because the weather was fine, after the meal, many people came up to enjoy the aft deck. That was ok, but might have been inconvenient for us if the weather had been inclement and people congregated near the bar.

Price for the dinner and cruise was about $150 before tips for the both of us.

Over all, it was a very enjoyable evening!


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