Sky Garden, London, England

The Sky Garden is located at 20 Fenchurch Street, London, England. Go on line to get tickets.

There is no charge, but you will be get a time slot for your arrival time. You have one hour’s time to visit from the time of your entry. Your ticket is good only for yourself, and you will need matching photo ID. You will go through a security screening, much like an airport. It is capacity controlled and sometimes they have to hold people downstairs until some folks leave before allowing you to take the elevator to the 35th floor.

There are two restaurants on the 36th and 37th floors. Or you can eat more reasonably at the Pod Bar on the 35th floor. That floor has a viewing deck outside overlooking the Thames River. Inside you can climb some stairs on either end of the building. Those stairways go to/though botanical type gardens. Occasional sort of alcoves are available for sitting in relative quiet amidst the trees/plants. You can also see out the opposite side of the building away from the river, but cannot go outside. We really enjoyed visiting the Sky Garden! On a clear day the views are great!

We did see some people who thought they would just walk in and go up the elevator. They were told they had to go on line to get tickets. . That made us feel rather smug!


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